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Sexy Gift Sets: Adult Coloring Book + 24 Color Pencils + Sharpener

Guys and girls, remember your childhood fun. Multicolored pictures and fascinating tales. It's time to return these magical feelings for yourself and your loved ones. Now you've grown up and you need attractive illustrations for adults! The adult coloring is the perfect combination of today's bold desires and past naive entertainment. And gift sets with the erotic antistress coloring make adults happy, as in a carefree childhood.

We all know that the hobby of coloring is huge now. But what kind of coloring do we see in ordinary bookshops and stationery stores? Mandalas, jungle animals and roses on every page. We want truly exciting subjects instead. Because big boys and girls love each other and love to look at beautiful love games. Give them the best 18+ gift set to make them happy! Here is the most stylish and unusual gift that you can find.

Such an adult coloring book gift set is a very pleasant surprise. It contains everything you need to immerse yourself in your creativity and your own shameless fantasies:

  • Coloring book 18+ with different love themes (you can choose Sex positions, Only girls, Gay love or just beautiful Erotic).

  • Bright high-quality Marco pencils. Originality appeared even in pencils: 24 colors in 12 pieces.

  • Pencil sharpener with a quality blade of the diameter that perfectly matches the pencils. Do not let a trifle interfere with your inspiration.

  • Stylish gift packaging made of laconic kraft paperboard. In the most actual trend.

  • Illustrated cover for choice! (we are ready to discuss your wishes about the cover design).

The combination of coloring 18+ and pencils in set will bring joy to everyone who loves beautiful eroticism. This is the perfect gift for adult men who love women, and for women who love men, and for women who love women, and for men who love men. In short, anti-stress playful coloring and pencils in set are created for fans of sex appeal naked body.

We do not know how your lover looks and what sex positions you prefer. But we are sure that you will find something that you will like inside each set coloring book and pencils. Author's range of drawings dedicated to the beauty of a loving body. Become a co-author! It's like a breath of life, thinking, work of art. You can create this personal world to your liking, make color any shade of skin, hair, and eyes. Because the love feelings don't know the restrictions and rules, only a sincere desire.

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