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Adult coloring book "Gay Love"



Glossy cover

16 pages

Paper weight - 180 g

Dimensions: 20x20 cm

Includes 15 coloring pages with various erotic scenes. Only guys.

Dear friends! I want to present my project – a coloring book for adults «Gay Love». This is not just an antistress coloring book. Not just a coloring book about gays. It first purpose – to increase tolerance to those who are outside of the «normality zone». In my drawings, I wanted to show the fact that gays, first of all, ordinary people. Ordinary people who, like everyone else in our world, sincerely and affectionately fall in love. In my opinion, no matter who do you love, the main thing – that it is Love! And nothing else matters, because most important task of love is creation, growth and happiness!

I wish you a good time in the pleasant atmosphere created by my stories. I tried to fill this coloring book with the tenderness and beauty of those moments when people love each other with all their heart, soul and body.

This album with high quality illustrations can be a great present. Or it can become a confession to your partner about what you really want without direct telling about your desires. Grab your copy now and deep into the world of 

relaxation and tempting fantasies. You’re going to love it!

Send your painted pictures to: flamehead.design@gmail.com

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